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Box of Songs - Digital Download

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Product Description

ETJ - Published by: Rainbow Bridges


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Music is central to children's experience of the world. It is a core way to connect learning with emotion. Our music's lyric content is targeted for young EFL learners, yet it is meant to be somewhat musically challenging - children can enjoy themselves with strong rhythms and grooves, and at the same time stretch their sonic boundaries with bluesy and folksy riffs. We strive to create songs that kids and adults alike can listen to over the years and still find interesting (if you listen closely!).


"Box of Songs" Highlights:

• Good listening for the whole family

• Karaoke tracks included

• Available as a digital download or as a CD


Box of Songs - Digital Download

Click for 30-second samples of all songs


• Lyrics & artwork included in digital files

• High quality .m4a ACC encoded files (same as iTunes)

• Convenience of digital files directly downloaded to your computer