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English Attack: Hyper Alpha EX Plus

Published by: Ray Scheuber


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English Attack: Hyper Alpha EX Plus




$22 USD (including tax)

English Attack: Hyper Alpha EX Plus is an exciting card and dice game aimed at children aged between 4 and 15. Students face off against each other asking and answering questions, while they do battle with their cards and dice. They'll be having so much fun that they'll forget they're learning English.

English Attack: Hyper Alpha EX Plus is a great way to take the focus off you, as the teacher, and maximize your students' talk time. There are loads of different games to play with EA: Hyper Alpha EX Plus too. Use it as warm up activity or reward your students with it towards the end of your class. EA: Hyper Alpha EX Plus is a fantastic tool for teaching English that’s also a load of fun to play.

To order visit: www.englishattackhyperalphaexplus.com

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Download the instructions and check out all the different games you can play with English Attack: Hyper Alpha EX Plus at: www.englishattackhyperalphaexplus.com/lets-play/

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