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Mask the book with transparent folders.


Secure the folders with clips. Use a whiteboard pen to do fun role-play activities.

image005.png Erase your work. 


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Book 1



1,800 yen without CD    1,900 yen with CD



This textbook and song CD have been designed for Japanese elementary students who have zero experience speaking English. The book covers 105 targets, which coincide with Japan's standardized tests.  Children can use a whiteboard marker and a transparent plastic folder to play 25 flexible games and practice more than 100 grammatical concepts as many times as they want.  Students can learn 23 key targets by singing the easiest English songs on the planet.  Definitions in Japanese allow children to learn the meaning of sentences at the speed of light. There are instructions in English and in Japanese.  This book is so simple to use that it does not require a manual.  You can also use the role-play activities to teach targets which are not found in this textbook.  This is a songbook, a toy and a textbook!!


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