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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


1. Information required to send you the materials you have ordered

Your address, telephone number and email address will be forwarded to the distributor (Nellies) so that they can send you the materials you have ordered. Your address and telephone number are needed for the takkyubin label. Your e-mail address is needed in case you need to be contacted about delivery issues or financial matters such as receipts.

Nellies will not use your address or telephone number for another purpose, such as promotion of their services. However, please note that if you have ordered from Nellies using a different route (not through Language Teaching Professionals) at some point, you may be contacted for promotional purposes.


2. Information required to contact you about your order

Language Teaching Professionals may contact you by e-mail to confirm or discuss your order.


3. Contacting you with news

Language Teaching Professionals may contact you occasionally with news about the ETJ Book Service.


4. Your data as a member of ETJ

Language Teaching Professionals is the central office of ETJ and so keeps your ETJ membership record. When you sign up for ETJ, you agree to receive an e-mail newsletter once a month or less and join the ETJ Yahoo group. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter and leave the Yahoo group at any point. All other ETJ e-mail groups and social networking groups are optional.


Language Teaching Professionals may occasionally send you a postcard with information about an event or service for teachers. You can request not to receive these postcards.


If you attend an ETJ Expo, your mailing address may be passed to ETJ Associate Members and General Sponsors, and your e-mail address may be passed to General Sponsors. You can request for this information not to be shared. You can make this request when you register for an Expo or by sending an e-mail to Language Teaching Professionals.