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ETJ Book Service International Materials

These materials are on a separate site for specially imported materials. Orders through the two sites cannot be combined to reach the 5,000 yen threshold for free shipping.

To go to the ETJ Book Service International site: Click here

MECC was designed for general English students and schools in Japan and has been in use for over 15 years, helping thousands of students move from beginner (and often false beginner) to near native level.

Over 8 levels, MECC gets students talking, moves them through a curriculum and provides ongoing feedback and assessment.

Each general unit has a teacher’s guide, self-checking preview and review for self-study, and activities. There are also separate units for free conversation, vocabulary and idioms, all reviewing and recycling the language targets from the general units.

MECC can be implemented in one or multiple classrooms, and makes teacher and staff recruitment and training easy.

The online feedback system gives student instant progress reports.

Published by Modern English

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