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KidZstory – Felt Story Boards


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Felt Boards: Hands-On Interactive Learning

Why Use Kidzstory Felt Boards

Kidzstory offers the finest in felt-board stories (Panel Theater) and visual resources for learning and open ended play. Our range of products includes felt sets designed to tell famous and popular stories as well as sets designed to help children learn about the real world around them. Felt-boards, Backgrounds, Felt Figures, Masks, Hand Puppets, Finger Plays, and Finger Puppets for EFL!

Visual: Children will be captivated by the bright, beautiful images. The sets provide a wealth of opportunities to develop observation skills, color recognition, shape and spatial perception. Have your students seek out and find particular pieces as you progress through a story or activity.

Kinesthetic: Kids will love to touch, place and rearrange the pieces on the board. Simply place the felt pieces on the felt-board and through a combination of friction and gravity they will cling to the board and stay in place.

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Plain Felt Boards


These handmade felt-boards are an invaluable tool for felt visual aids. The plain felt boards are made from corrugated plastic (Coroplast) covered with colored felt. They are perfect for our sets that do not include boards, such as the Pre School sets, Nursery Rhyme sets or the Food Pyramid. The largest and smallest boards fold in the center.

Prices of Plain Felt Boards: 

(not including consumption tax)

Large (Choose Green, Blue or Purple): ¥2,500

Medium (Choose Green, Blue or Purple): ¥1,900

Small (Choose Green, Blue or Purple): ¥1,400

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