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Paul Stroud’s Materials

ETJ Member’s Teaching Materials

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English for Daily Conversation

50 topics and over 700 questions for conversation practice in the EFL classroom

The purpose of this book is to give high beginner and intermediate level learners a chance to practice their language skills in a variety of communicative situations typical of daily life. And since the units are self-contained, progress will not be hindered should a lesson be missed. Of course, grammar is important, but it is best learned incidentally in an immersive approach. Hence, the focus of this material is on developing greater fluency rather than strict form.

After all, a four or five year old child, for instance, doesn’t know the meaning of the word grammar, let alone any conception of an auxiliary verb, or noun case, or whatever. However, the young child certainly knows the difference between saying things like, “he do” and “he does” because he simply never hears it said the wrong way. So the learner does not have to conquer the grammar first in order to speak more fluently. Of course, mistakes will be made, but that is all part of the learning process. Fundamentally, we learn by doing so, while the mechanics of the language should never be completely ignored, the teacher should concentrate on getting the students to speak as often as possible.

With this in mind, the material presented here will encourage learners to take turns asking and answering questions, using high frequency vocabulary, to mimic real world communication, which is by nature unpredictable and spontaneous. This helps learners think for themselves, in a fun and interesting way, to respond appropriately to the oscillations of unplanned discourse. The teacher’s role, as facilitator, will be to guide the students through the book and make suggestions and corrections along the way to improve the learner’s skills to maximize language acquisition.

Book price: ¥1,980

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