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Ready, Set, Eigo! Card Game

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Fun and English Learning Game (128 cards included)

Click here for a video to learn about the game

If you’re looking for a quick and fun game to play with your family, friends, students, or classmates, then Ready, set, Eigo! is a must-try! The rules are simple; the game is all about matching the picture cards in your hand to the appropriate description card after it is drawn.

Developed in an English teaching environment, this game is proven to help children, students, and even adults learn English. The game includes hundreds of useful vocabulary and sentences that encourage natural language acquisition simply by playing the game. For use in the classroom we have some specific tips, so be sure to check them out here. Of course, this game is intended for all ages and even native speakers of English will have a great time.

Buy it for your family, friends, loved ones, teachers, or recommend it to be included in your school’s educational resource material library.We hope you will enjoy this game alongside the many others who do!

• English Matching Game
• 1 round takes about 10 minutes
• English and Japanese instruction manual included
• The cards are the same size as a regular card game, making them easy to hold and shuffle
• Family Fun
• Includes 124 useful English words photos
• The rules are simple
• Set of 62 illustrated cards and 66 instruction cards
• Designed by Native English Teachers


Book price: ¥1,790

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