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Grammar Connection

Grammar Connection


Structure Through Content

Connecting learners to structure through academic content, Grammar Connection teaches the authentic language skills learners need for academic and professional success.

* Discourse-based grammar presentation through readings and conversations offers natural language instruction and prepares learners for academic success.
* Authentic contexts from academic disciplines provide essential background for grammar presentation and practice.
* High-frequency academic vocabulary is systematically developed in “Content Vocabulary” sections.
* Multi-skills practice in reading, writing, listening, and speaking simulates the skills learners need in academic contexts.
* ‘Connection: Putting It Together’ synthesizes grammar, vocabulary, and content through communicative activities.
* Review and Learner Logs summarize language instruction and enhance learner independence.
* Teacher’s Annotated Editions include detailed teaching suggestions as well as a Classroom Presentation Tool CD-ROM with Activity Bank Worksheets for interactive grammar presentation and additional communicative practice.


Download Sample Unit: Go to the Cengage Learning website

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