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Working in Japan

Working in Japan


Video Interviews with 14 Professionals

Working In Japan is a unique textbook featuring video interviews with real people from around the globe in various types of employment in Japan. Activities help students understand their attitude towards work, their sense of values, and their lifestyles. These fascinating insights motivate students – who will themselves enter the world of work in the next few years – also provides opportunities for them to think about their own future.

Each unit focuses on one person and examines their working life and background. Interviewees have been chosen to reflect a range of nationalities.

Video clips for each unit includes a narrated introduction section (approx. 1 minute) and the interview (approx. 3 minutes). The interview consists of three separate topics in order to help students understand clearly.

Students experience English as a common language used in the real world by watching and listening to interviews of non-native and native international speakers of English.

Published by Cengage Learning


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