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Write to be Read

Write to be Read


This is a revision of a successful high-intermediate to low-advanced writing book that teaches students to write academic essays with greater fluency.

Write to be Read helps students develop their academic writing skills. Using thought-provoking authentic readings that encourage critical thinking, Write to be Read guides students through the processes of reading, reflection, writing, and revision. The reading selections offer a variety of genres, including short stories, magazine articles, and essays. The writing instruction in the first two chapters concentrates on writing clear and well-constructed paragraphs, whereas the remaining five chapters focus on the academic essay.

Each chapter includes two authentic readings on closely related topics, gives practice in writing both personal and academic responses to the readings, and provides opportunities for reflection and discussion on the chapter topic. Students receive instruction in academic writing skills such as paraphrasing, summarizing, writing topic sentences, and organizing an essay. The book also includes many exercises that help students expand their knowledge of English grammar, enabling them to better revise and edit their writing.

Published by Cambridge University Press


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