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JGO Aqua(Level 1)  | Card Game

JGO Q&A Aqua(Level 1) | Card Game

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JGO Aqua(Level 1) | Card Game | ETJ Book Service

ISBN: 9784865393026 Category: Tags: ,


Published by: AGO

JGO Aqua features 36 easy questions for students of Japanese to practice, and 18 action cards to make the learning fun!

Based on AGO Card Game, JGO’s questions are rich with picture clues that offer hints, inspiration, add context and ensure students pick up the language really quickly!  

JGO is a fun and interesting way for beginners to dip their toes in the Japanese language, and practice some simple and useful question structures. JGO Green (level 2) and Orange (level 3) will follow in 2013.


JGO Aqua Questions


1 – You

o genki desu ka?

nan sai desu ka?

doko ni sunde imasu ka?

tanjoubi wa itsu desu ka?


2 – Fun

suki na iro wa nan desu ka?

anata no jitensha wa nani iro desu ka?

(A) to (B) dochira ga suki desu ka?

nani iro no fuku o kite imasu ka?


3 – Food

suki na tabenono wa nan desu ka?

_ ga suki desu ka?

ban gohan wa nani ga tabetai desu ka?

donna nihon shoku ga suki desu ka?


4 – Animals

suki na doubutsu wa nan desu ka?

_ga suki desu ka?

petto o katte imasu ka?

petto ga hoshii desu ka?


5 – Sports

donna supootsu ga suki desu ka?

__ ga suki desu ka?

(A) to (B) dochira ga suki desu ka?

_ ga dekimasu ka?


6 – Weather

kyou no tenki wa dou desu ka?

__no hi wa suki desu ka?

ima no kisetsu wa nan desu ka?

suki na kisetsu wa itsu desu ka?


7 – School

gakkou wa doko desu ka?

sensei no namae wa nan desu ka?

suki na kyouka wa nan desu ka?

nan nensei desu ka?


8 – Time

ima nanji desu ka?

nan ji ni okimasu ka?

nan ji ni ban gohan o tabemasu ka?

nan ji ni nemasu ka?


9 – Fun

nan no geemu ga suki desu ka?

tanjoubi purezento wa nani ga hoshii desu ka?

suki na terebi bangumi wa nan desu ka?

shumi wa nan desu ka?