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Oxford Online Skills Program A1 | Academic English Bundle 1

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Oxford Online Skills Program A1 | Academic English Bundle 1


Published by: Oxford University Press

Develop your students’ general English or academic English skills with the Oxford Online Skills Program. This online program supports and develops all four language skills using a step-by-step process, encouraging students to explore, practise and reflect on their learning.
The step-by-step sequenced activities combined with instant access to support are what make this online program different. Students improve their language skills independently while you can track their progress, communicate with them outside of class, and improve their learning.

There’s a program for General English and Academic English. Select the program to suit your students’ learning needs: general skills, academic skills, or both. Combining both programs gives your students up to 80 hours of CEFR aligned general and academic skills practice per level. You can buy cards with access codes for both programs from your usual bookshop, or online from this website and receive the codes in an email.

The program uses media rich activities, with video, audio and interactive infographics, to engage students. Students are encouraged to broaden and reflect on their learning with Can do statements, space for making notes, tips, cultural glossaries and more.

Teacher tools allow you to monitor progress for individual students, groups or the whole class. There are easy-to-view overviews, as well as more in-depth reports.

You can also adapt the content to meet your students’ needs, whether simply by hiding and revealing activities, or using more sophisticated tools for assigning different activities to different groups, and uploading or creating your own content.